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Welcome to Carnegie Centre

Creoso i Ysgol Canolfan Carnegie

"Together we create opportunities for everyone to realise their potential and maximise their success, within a warm, caring and stimulating environment" 

Carnegie is a newly refurbished centre that caters for 32 learners at KS4. Learners that attend Carnegie have a variety of needs that most main stream school cannot accommodate. There are 7 teaching staff and 5 teaching assistants.

The team of teaching and non-teaching staff offer a wide range of expertise and support to learners, and we are all fully aware of how difficult most of you find it to even enter the building let alone attend on a full time basis. We work on the principal of small steps, making you feel comfortable, and then making sure you reach your full potential.


It is important to realise that all learners who attend this centre feel the same way as you, and go through similar emotions getting here. We work as a family, supporting each other, and giving space in equal measures without making it an issue.


At Carnegie we are proud of the success our students’ make during their time here, not only academically but socially and emotionally too. In the last academic year 100% of learners left with a recognised qualification. 

Our core aims are for all learners to become:


  • Ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives.

  • Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.

  • Ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.

  • Healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

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Pupil Inclusion Project

The Pupil Inclusion Project is a project for young people with difficulties, not for difficult young people.


Education changes lives, it provides opportunity, it enables individuals to shape their futures, it builds stronger, more tolerant and cohesive societies, it is the foundation of a strong economy.  In short, education matters.


Qualified for Life. An education improvement plan for 3-19 year olds in Wales.  


We offer a programme that is empowering, participate, expressive, education and fun (some of the time)



  • The aim of the project is to help develop the academic, personal and social potential of each individual in the most professional and concerned way, and  to support young people’s reintegration into mainstream education, vocational training or further education.


  • A planned programme of events is produced each term, with the help of the young people, to encourage ownership and empowerment. The project is delivered on a weekly basis throughout the school year. 


  • Each young person attends one day per week at Gabalfa Community Centre and the remainder of the week at either, Bryn y Deryn, or work based training providers.




  • We seek to raise each pupil’s self-esteem and confidence and thereby develop their life and social skills.

  • Each young person is treated as an individual, through our flexible, informal approach we provide an organic, safe and stimulating learning environment giving opportunity to develop personal knowledge and skills. 

  • We achieve this by having realistic expectations based on the individual’s history and needs, through initial assessment from our partner Bryn y Deryn and our ongoing assessments of emotional, social and academic needs. 

  • Setting realistic, achievable targets through the young person’s choice and a planned programme of events.




  • Offers a broad range of challenging, educational and social experiences.

  • That allows participants to be heard.

  • Promotes interpersonal relationships. 

  • Promotes confidence.

  • Develops appropriate behaviour.

  • Assists with the individual’s moral development.

  • Is structured to suit the needs of the learner

  • Provides opportunities for achievement and accreditation. 

  • Celebrates success.

  • Is safe, supportive and non-threatening.

  • Is inclusive.

  • Removes the barriers to the development of the individual’s full potential so they become lifelong learners.




  • Adventure, art and design, careers, community involvement, computer studies, conservation, cookery, coping with adolescence, emotional literacy, employment and training, environment, first aid, healthy eating, hygiene, music, outdoor activities, photography, sexual health / CSE, social awareness (relationship building), sporting activities : golf, football, rugby, swimming, squash, badminton, boxing and substance misuse training.





  • BTEC Vocational Studies

  • DOFE Award

  • Sports Leadership Award



Carnegie Centre

Bryn y Deryn Pupil Referral Unit
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