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The Art Department offers a broad and enriched education where pupils are encouraged to learn with increasing independence and skill: exploring cross-curricular and personal themes; experiencing varied materials and processes to produce artwork.

We offer opportunities to:

  • Develop art skills further. 

  • Use many different art materials in creative and imaginative ways.

  • Work like a real artist producing original work based on your own ideas. 

  • Study the works of other artists, craftspeople and designers. 

  • Explore other cultures from around the world. 

  • Build your self-confidence, self-discipline, and commitment.

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Our KS4 learners have the opportunity to access a two year Art GCSE qualification. 

We follow the WJEC syllabus which is made up of coursework and a final practical exam. 

In year 10 our learners predominantly build up their coursework portfolio and experiment with skills and techniques. This coursework portfolio will make up 60% of their final mark. 


In year 11 they begin working towards the final exam which takes place in the Spring Term. This development of ideas and final outcome, will form the other 40% of their final mark. 


We have the capacity at our centre to be flexible, enabling our learners to explore topics and themes which are relevant and personal to them. 




For those learners who join later in year 11, there is still an opportunity to gain an art qualification. We offer a printmaking module, which can, along with other units studied, count towards a BTEC qualification.  Some of our learners gain a BTEC Art qualification alongside their Art GCSE.

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