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Science at Carnegie Centre

Mrs. A. Roberts and Mrs. L. Griffiths

BTEC L1 Science - Throughout the course the following will be covered:


Unit ASc6 – Carrying out a scientific experiment, which involves the learners developing a varying array of practical and experimental skills.


Unit ASc9 – Protecting the environment, where we cover endangered species, global warming and recycling. This leads to a project of having an eco-Christmas at school.


Unit ASc12 – Crime Scene and Evidence, where we learn all types of forensic techniques such as: 

  • Fuming for fingerprints

  • Blood type analysis and hair analysis under a microscope.


We use these skills to analyse a mock crime scene and find the culprit. 

Science blue and white microscope logo

GCSE Applied Science - divided into two units, each covering biology, chemistry and physics.

In Unit 1 they study energy & electricity, resources from our planet and the environment.

In Unit 2 they study health fitness and sport and controlling chemical processes.

The course develops the learners' enquiry and practical skills, as well as their science knowledge. Assessment is by way of an exam for each unit and two practical assessments. 

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