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Media Studies 

What is Media Studies?

The media play a central role in contemporary society and culture. They shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer. 


The media industries employ large numbers of people worldwide and operate as commercial industries on a global scale. The global nature of the contemporary media, coupled with ongoing technological developments and more opportunities to interact with the media, suggest that their centrality in contemporary life can only increase.

The Course

During the GCSE course in year 11 learners will have

the opportunity to study film, video games, advertisements,

social media and music videos.

​Learners will:

  • develop critical thinking and decision-making skills through consideration of issues that are important, real and relevant to learners and to the world in which they live

  • develop their appreciation and understanding of the importance and role of the media in their daily lives

  • develop their practical skills through opportunities for personal engagement and creative media production

  • understand how to use key concepts and specialist subject-specific terminology to analyse media products

  • develop an understanding of media products in relation to their industry contexts

  • evaluate and reflect on their own practical work

The coursework will also be film based, where learners will be able to use creative skills to make film posters and DVD covers. Here learners will consider carefully what attracts an audience to this genre of film and capture them.

Miss H. Smith and Mrs. R. Lewis

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