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Food and Nutrition

In Food and Nutrition we combine teaching learners a key life skill and ensuring they leave school with a full GCSE qualification. We aim to develop all learners confidence in the kitchen so they can take their skills from school with them.

Learners are taught in small groups to ensure that they can feel supported and each learner can have their needs met. Our terms are split into different themes to add variety and we also introduce a new food commodity each term to explore new food groups. Within each theme, learners have the opportunity to think about what they would like to make and have the opportunity to choose once a term. We are lucky enough to be able to provide all ingredients and equipment for learners and allow all food that is made during our practical lessons to be taken home.

Every week the learners have access to the kitchen where they have their practical cooking lesson, we then complete our theory lessons in the classroom where we update online work booklets in order to keep a log of what we have made and start to evaluate and think about improvements.

Over year 10 and year 11 we complete two NEA assessment tasks. The first NEA is a food investigation where we do practical experiments to meet a brief. The second NEA is food preparation task where learners have to plan, prepare and create three courses that meet a brief. These course works display high skill levels and it always amazing to see the standard of work being produced.

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