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Young People: CALL, TEXT or EMAIL for emotional support

The Mix is a UK support service for young people (ages 25 and below). They provide free, confidential helplines and counselling services for any challenges faced by young people - "from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs".

Support can be accessed via the helpline. Trained supports are ready to talk about any issue, just call 0808 808 4994 from 4pm to 11pm Monday-Saturday.

To access the service via email, please follow this link and fill out the form:

For the most immediate support, they offer a crisis text message service. Text THEMIX to 85258 to access support.

Alternatively, they offer a group chat service whereby young people can access different online groups to talk for fun or for support. These include

Young carer's chat: Chat online to other young carers and find support from an understanding community.

General chat: A light hearted online group whereby you can talk to others about anything - a great space for distraction and a chance to unwind.

Support chat: A space to give and get support online from other young people going through similar experiences.

Support circle: A small group chat for no more than 5 people where each take it in turn to get support about whatever is on your mind. Young people can also sign up as listeners if they enjoy helping others.

To get more information and access this service, please click the link below.

For parents hoping to access emotional support, please see our blog post: 'Parents: CALL, TEXT or EMAIL for emotional support', or click the link below.

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