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Wellbeing workshops - Single Parent

Single Parents Wellbeing (SPW) is a peer-led approach to supporting single parents that feel lonely and lacking in support.

They have a number of current projects, both online and in person:

Wellbeing Workshops

  • Thought provoking and useful workshops around mental health

  • Big Lottery Funded Project, in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation

  • Bringing single parents together for 6 weeks, for a series of thought provoking and useful workshops around mental health, tailored around what impacts single parent’s lives

Connecting Creatively

  • Online and face to face creative workshops for single parent families to bond in a creative coproduced environment

Mental Health Manifesto - Action for Our Future

  • 10-24 year olds deciding, designing and delivering what they need for a mentally healthy future

For more information, follow the link below to the SPW website

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