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Specialist teacher vacancy

Are you a specialist teacher able to work with learners who have specific learning difficulties?

We have an opportunity for you to make a difference our new KS3 provision. If you are able to work as part of a team to create an inclusive learning environment, please apply!

The job is currently being advertised on eTeach. Please click the button below to apply:

For specific requirements, see below:

Duties and Responsibilities

Job Specific Requirements

To work as a member of Bryn y Deryn and Carnegie Centre PRU Intervention Team in order to meet the needs of learners with ALN and complex/severe learning difficulties.

Work under the direction of the Head of Centre and ALNCo

To have excellent knowledge of universal provision, irrespective of need or diagnosis

To work with schools and specialist teams to develop inclusive learning environments

To provide guidance, advice and high quality input to schools on a range of ALN issues, with particular reference to complex and severe learning needs including the recommendation of appropriate resources, teaching strategies and techniques

To provide direct teaching to model inclusive classroom approaches and/or the provision of appropriate but challenging programmes of support, modelling lessons/strategies and monitoring progress through observation and assessment

To undertake assessments/observations and maintain accurate records against an agreed criterion of children’s progress and provide reports as appropriate, following ALN Assessment and Support Guidance

To attend and contribute to Person Centred meetings, providing evidence-based advice to support the identification of learning outcomes and identified ALP

To work effectively with parents/carers, school/setting staff and other professionals in order to provide effective support for learners, ensuring the voice of the learner and parent/ carers is at the heart of the process

To liaise and work collaboratively with specialist teams within the LA and the multiagencies in order to share and co-ordinate information that is relevant to learners who receive assessment and support from the Bryn-Y-Deryn and Carnegie Centre

To be responsible for the management and development of a specialist area/project within the ALN Intervention Team

To maintain and develop your own professional learning by attending relevant training and keeping up to date with developments in complex learning needs and ALN generally

Corporate Requirements

To participate actively in supporting the principles and practice of equality of opportunity as stated in the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

To take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions and to comply with all health and safety legislation as appropriate.

To, as a statutory duty, adhere to the Council’s Corporate Safeguarding Policy and associated policies and procedures and to report concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of children or adults at risk. In order to support you in this, you are required to access safeguarding training at the level which is relevant to this post.

As a term of your employment, you may be required to undertake such other duties and/or times of work as may reasonably be required of you, commensurate with your grade or general level of responsibility within the organisation.

Although you will be provided with a base, you will be required to work from various locations in accordance with the needs of the role.

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