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Learning Through Landscapes Session

Yesterday, we had the wonderful Julie from Learning Through Landscapes visit the Carnegie Centre to give a gardening and wildlife session to our learners.

We began the session doing nature evaluations of certain areas in our garden. Each team had to note down different things such as grass length, leaf coverage or water presence.

Following this, we learnt how to make eco-friendly plant pots using newspaper. We learnt that they were a handy way of growing plants - when the newspaper is dry, it needs another drink!

Julie taught us how to take cuttings from a rosemary plant. We all had a go taking a cutting and planted them in the pots we made! We also learned how to do the same with the root from a lemon balm plant. We then made origami seed packets from paper.

Then, we took part in some sensory activities. First, we created colour palettes from found items in our garden. Think leaves, twigs and bark!

Afterwards, we were taught about animal highways through a fun game that involved tossing and catching beanbags. We found it easier when the two pieces of tarpaulin were connected with a third!

Our learners had so much fun getting outside (even in the cold) and it's safe to say we all took something away from the session.

Thank you so much Julie and Learning Through Landscapes!

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