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Year 11 Cooking Assessments

This week, our year 11 Carnegie learners completed their cooking assessments. We were all so impressed by how professionally they worked and how delicious their dishes looked.

Each learner chose a specific cuisine and created three dishes from their inspiration.

Check out the finished products below:

Chef - Alex

Cuisine - Japanese

Starter - Vegetable Sushi

Steamed rice wrapped in nori (seaweed paper) with a centre of mixed veggies, ranging from cucumbers to mushrooms.

Main - Tofu Katsu Curry

A simple Japanese katsu curry paired with fried tofu covered in breadcrumbs.

Dessert - Mochi

A traditional Japanese rice cake, made with glutinous rice among other ingredients and flavoured with various fruits. The mochi I will be serving will have various fruits in the centre, including strawberries and peaches.


Chef - Freya

Cuisine - Spanish

Starter - Asparagus Tempura

Main - Patatas Bravas

Dessert - Creme Brulee


Chef - Connor

Cuisine - American

Starter - Crispy Chicken Tender with Garlic Chili Dip

This dish is made with the finest chicken from Texas and is marinade with a sweet garlic chili sauce.

Main - Next Level Fried Chicken

Is the pride and joy of America, this chicken is tender, crispy and made with the best spices around and comes with a side of homemade wedges.

Dessert - Pecan Pie

This pecan pie has a rich distinctive burst of flavour which captures the taste of America drizzled with caramel and warm cream (it contains nuts).


Chef - Ella

Cuisine - Mexican

Starter - Mexican Lime Chicken

Tantalise your taste buds with this zesty dish. Succulent chicken marinade in fresh lime juice and coriander. Cooked to perfection and served with fresh lime wedges.

Main - Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas for those who need a something to satisfy a healthy appetite. Made with free range chicken and beans in a tomato sauce scattered with peppers and finished with a crispy cheese topping.

Dessert - Churro

Indulge yourself in this traditional Mexican dessert. A crispy deep fried pastry, finished with a sweet cinnamon and sugar coating. Served with melted chocolate.


Chef - Carys

Cuisine - Korean (Street Food)

Course One - BBQ Chicken

This chicken has a delicious barbecue sauce with succulent chicken pieces served with sticky rice.

Course Two - Korean Fried Chicken

This is chicken pieces coated in a sticky glaze, it is sweet and spicy with a crispy coat. Served with chicken noodles.

Course Three - Chicken Bibimbap

This dish is served with freshly cut vegetables that are sautéed with chicken pieces in a red chili sauce served with a fried egg.


Chef - Millie

Cuisine - Welsh

Starter - Chicken Rarebet

Grilled skinless chicken breast in a Dijon mustard and cream cheese sauce.

Main - Chicken and Leek Casserole

Traditional Welsh dish made with chicken breast and Welsh leeks.

Dessert - Monmouth Pudding

Traditional Welsh pudding made with warm raspberry jam, breadcrumbs and meringue.


We hope you enjoyed reading their menus and looking at their delicious meals!

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