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Trussell Trust Foodbank Referral

Bryn y Deryn has recently become a Trussell Trust Foodbank voucher referral agency. If you feel that you would benefit from this, please call us on 02920 529 398 or email The Trussell Trust Foodbank will provide short term, emergency food to individuals and families that need it.

Please see further details below:

- The food parcels include cereal, milk, fruit juice, soup, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and pudding, providing balanced and nutritional meals for a minimum of three days. The quantity of food given is dependent upon the number of adults and children in the family.

- Clients are consulted on their basic dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, baby food etc. Outside of these requirements, the parcels are prepared according to nutritional recommendations from the Trussell Trust (in consultation with dieticians) and according to stock levels. The Trussell Trust are unable to offer bespoke orders to individual clients.

- Food is donated by churches, individuals, companies, community groups or charities and by the public through collection boxes and collection days at the major supermarkets in the local area. This is a project that involves the whole community!

- There is no charge for the food, but it is given on the understanding that it is not resold. - On receipt of a voucher, it should be taken to your nearest foodbank centre - opening times and locations are listed below and on the back of the vouchers.

- Volunteers at the foodbank centre will then exchange the voucher for a 3 days’ food parcel, which you can carry away in supermarket-branded carrier bags giving a degree of anonymity.

- The foodbank centre also stocks some essential non-food items, which you may benefit from such as household items, toiletries, nappies, baby food, tin openers, and pet food.

- This model is designed to help those in a short-term crisis rather than providing indefinite long term assistance.

- A core feature of this scheme is the three vouchers guideline, which allows referral agencies to issue clients with up to three foodbank vouchers within a six-month period, without contacting the foodbank.

Again, if you feel you would benefit from this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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