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Tablet Gifting Scheme - Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council’s Advice service are now offering FREE tablets with internet access to individuals on a low income who do not have a device and internet connection at home.

At a time when more people are staying at home, the scheme aims to help people stay connected with services they need, as well as maintaining social connections to support their wellbeing.

Each tablet will come loaded with a range of relevant apps and shortcuts to ensure that they can make the most out of each device.

There are also a range of digital activities and support services on hand to explore, including; Online Adult Learning Courses and training, Digital Job Club with the Into Work Services and a host of Health and Wellbeing activities hosted by the Hubs and Libraries service.

These devices are only available to residents of Cardiff who fit the below criteria:

  • Those who do not have access to a digital device or broadband at home AND

  • Their health and wellbeing is suffering as they feel isolated OR

  • They want to access training or look for work online AND

  • They are in receipt of benefits or on a low income

To apply for a tablet, eligible Cardiff residents should contact the Adviceline on 029 287 1071. Advisors can help individuals access a device that they can use at home for free.

*Applications are subject to eligibility and due to the fixed number of devices, no guarantee of receipt of device is provided.

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