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Monday 6th September - First Day of Term

We hope you all had a relaxing Summer break. We're looking forward to seeing learners back at Bryn y Deryn and the Carnegie Centre on Monday, 6th September.

The Welsh Government has advised pupils and staff to take a lateral flow test twice a week in the lead up to their first day back. The tests should be taken 2-3 days apart and as close to the first day back as possible. They recommend that on the morning of their first day back would be best.

Tests can be ordered through the community collect, direct or pharmacy collect routes before the start of term. Further details provided below with relevant links:

  • Test Sites and Community Collection Points

Lateral Flow test kits can be collected from local test sites, and some community collection points Locations, opening times can be found here:

  • Home Delivery

Kits can also be ordered online for home delivery. Details of how to order for home delivery can be found here:

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