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Interested in taking part in a research study?

School Communities in Wales are recruiting for a study into a digital app to support learners aged 13-19 years. The app aims to support learners with low mood/anxiety, and can also be used by parents/carers to support these learners. Families will require an interview with researchers for evaluation.

The study, which has ethical approval from NHS REC, involves the trial of a bilingual digital website and app that has been co-developed with young people. This app, known as MoodHwb, aims to provide support for young people with their mood and wellbeing - as well as their parents, carers and practitioners.

Parents and carers are welcome to signpost young people to the study website to complete the eligibility form (and can help them complete this).

Learners already being seen by CAMHS, receiving therapy or have more complex needs such as eating disorders, will not be suitable for this study at this stage.

If you would like more information please follow the link below:

If you would like to participate, please follow the link below for a form that needs to be completed

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