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Cygnet Parenting Programme - Support for Parents of Teens with Autism

Cygnet is a seven week programme for parents and carers of young people with a diagnosed autistic spectrum condition.

Over the seven weeks, you will look at topics including:

  • Introductory session - a chance to meet the other group members and go through the aims and content of the programme, looking at what we already know about ASCs.

  • Autism and diagnosis - a chance to discuss the variety of strengths and challenges faced by children with ASCs and to consider your own journeys as parents.

  • Sensory Processing - an in-depth look at the senses and sensory issues that can be faced by children with ASCs, with ideas of strategies and resources to support this.

  • Communication - a session on how communication can differ for children with ASCs and possible strategies and resources to support children with different levels of verbal communication.

  • Understanding behaviour in children with ASCs - looking into possible functions of behaviour for children with ASCs and introducing a behavioural framework that can be used to understand your child’s behaviour.

  • Supporting behaviour - continuing to look into behaviour with another framework and suggestions of other ways to access support.

  • Parents/carers’ choice - An opportunity for parents to discuss topics of their choice

The sessions run every Tuesday (excluding half term) 09:45 until 12:30. The final session will be Tuesday, 2nd December.

For more information, please see the documents below:

Cygnet Infomation for Parents English
Download PDF • 249KB
Cygnet Information for Parents Sept 2021 Welsh
Download PDF • 245KB
A4 Poster 2
Download DOCX • 712KB

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