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Congratulations Year 12 Expressive Arts!

Our Year 12 Carnegie Expressive Arts group have worked so hard this term to create a fantastic final performance.

Learners worked together to develop a story - they began by exploring their characters and creating their backstories. They all put so much thought and effort into their workbooks - see the gallery below!

They then worked on the narrative of their performance and began to link characters together to tell their story.

Meanwhile, props, costumes and set pieces were created to compliment their characters. Learners created all of the backdrops themselves!

Lighting and audio was considered and was executed by the learners for the final performances.

Staff and other learners had the privilege of being invited to watch the finished product and we were all blown away with how creative, professional and hardworking the group were.

One word to say about the performance - FAB-U-LOUS! Well, done all of you! - Mrs A Hughes

Amazing performance well done everyone. Loved every minute! - Ms E Shepherd

Loved every minute of it. Da iawn, Year 12 - Mrs J Hughes

Honestly I was in awe, firstly to see all the work that has gone in behind the scenes, from props, to lighting to sound. It is one of the proudest I have ever felt about our learners. To top it all off the acting really did blow me away. - Mr P Bevan

Absolutely stunning performance! Congrats to all involved! How you got such a stunning performance from them in such a short space of time is beyond me! Massive well done to you all! - Miss H Smith
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