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Celebrating 20 years!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

This term, we will be celebrating two very special members of staff who have reached their 20 year anniversary at the Centre - Lyn and Mrs Miles!

Lyn, Miss Simpson and Mrs Miles

Lyn is a Teaching Assistant currently in the Carnegie Centre and Mrs Miles is an Art Teacher at Bryn y Deryn and Carnegie.

They both joined us in 2001 and have worked in almost every department in the school. Looking back, Lyn remembers the Centre in 2001 had just two classes. Both Lyn and Mrs Miles have watched Bryn y Deryn and Carnegie grow and now we have two Centres, a total of 13 classes and up to 90 learners.

We all would like to send our thanks to both of them for all their hard work. Here's to another 20 years!

Our amazing Mrs. Miles and Lyn celebrate 20 years at Bryn y Deryn. Both have nurtured and inspired so many learners and staff over the years. With their infectious smiles and kind nature they help to make each day a positive and exciting experience for everyone.

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