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What is Photography?

Photography is a practical course that offers the opportunity to experience creativity through the use of lens-based media. Photography GCSE is very similar to Art GCSE, and the course is designed to appeal to a wide range of interests, personalities and directions. learners will be taught how to use a camera and its many functions, and learn different photography techniques and digital editing. Learners can create static or moving images using digital methods of development and production. There is the opportunity to explore the work of artists and photographers and develop your own ideas through different projects and areas of study.


Additionally, learners will develop their drawing and annotation skills as they are key components of the course. The drawing may include sketches or plans of ideas for a photo-shoot. Photography GCSE also contributes to the development of creativity, independence, resilience, resourcefulness, time management, and literacy skills.

GCSE Photography is assessed over two units (both internally assessed and externally moderated).

Unit 1 – Internally set coursework portfolio 60%

Unit 2 – Externally set examination assignment 40%

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