Staff List 

Head of Centre 

Miss F. Simpson 

Deputy Head 

Mr P. Bevan 

Senior Leader 

Miss S. Howells 

Subject Teachers

Miss K. Cole - Mathematics

Mrs J. Hughes - Mathematics

Miss H. Smith - English/Media Studies 

Mrs E. Newberry - English/Religious Studies 

Mrs R. Mann - Welsh Baccalaureate 

Mrs K. Miles - Art & Design 

Mr D. Wearne - Photography

Miss A. Morris - Science   

Mr J. Harris - Science 

Mrs R. Lewis - Vocational Studies 

Miss L. James – Alternative Qualifications

Teaching Assistants 

Mr L. Windels 

Miss E. Shepherd 

Ms L. Griffiths

Mr A. Williams

Miss N. Kukuni 

Mr L. Griffiths

Ms D. Strydom


Wellbeing and Behaviour 

Miss K. Flood

Miss A. Malik 

Miss B. Mee

Miss S. Mullins 



Miss C. Jones 

Miss S. Clarke 

Mr T. Leahy 

Miss H. Duncombe



Mr S. Hunt

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