What is a BTEC?


BTEC Level 1 qualifications in WorkSkills (QCF) help learners to improve their understanding and application of work-based skills.

 This flexible, vocational course teaches the knowledge, skills and understanding that are relevant, current and useful for both learners and potential employers.

How do the qualifications work?


BTECs are specialist work-related qualifications.

They combine practical learning with subject and theory content.


What is difference between GCSE and BTEC?


- BTEC is more of a vocational course, whilst a GCSE is an academic course

- Most BTECs tend to be 100% coursework based, whereas GCSEs are either 100% exam based, or partially exam based and partially coursework based

- Additionally, BTECs don't use the same grading system

BTEC's Available at Bryn y Deryn







You will learn about a range of laboratory apparatus (equipment) and how to take measurements with each piece of apparatus. You will plan how to carry out an experiment, using your knowledge of the apparatus that is available, and investigate crime scenes using methods such as finger print and hair analysis.

A lot of people take part in physical activity – have you ever wondered what encourages you to be active? Maybe you aren’t active – there’s ar eason for that too! In this unit, you will think about how you can motivate others to get more active, more often.

Sport and Leisure

In this unit, you will use the skills required to communicate in health or social care settings and choose the best way of communicating information to people. People with health or social care needs may be unwell or frail, and when speaking with them you need to show understanding and patience.

Health and Social Care

In this unit, you will develop the skills needed to plan, prepare and cook food safely and hygienically. You will consider the ingredients, recipes and timings when planning the food you will cook, this can be a dish for lunch or dinner. You will work well under pressure when preparing and cooking food.


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